Protecting Clients' Inheritance Rights

Probate gives beneficiaries and other interested parties the opportunity to challenge the will and other estate documents of a deceased family member or benefactor. The Law Offices of Adrian L. Falgione, LLC, assists clients involved in will or trust contests and other contentious probate matters in Lexington, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. While we always strive to resolve matters amicably, we are fully prepared to protect clients' rights in court.

If you recently lost a loved one and have questions about your rights to contest a will or trust, contact our firm to discuss your situation with our experienced Lexington probate lawyer.

Representation In Complex Will Or Trust Contests

Will contests and trust contests commonly occur between named beneficiaries and other family members who were not included in the decedent's will or trust. This is especially true of blended families, where spouses, stepchildren and other family members may disagree over how assets have been divided.

Other claims which may be raised in contentious probate or estate litigation include:

  • Fraud or undue influence by one party over the decedent prior to death
  • Misappropriation of estate assets by an individual beneficiary
  • Mismanagement of assets or breach of fiduciary duty by the personal representative or trustee in administering the estate
  • Improper asset distribution

Our attorney Adrian L. Falgione is experienced in handling all such claims in probate and estate matters. His practice includes assisting beneficiaries or interested parties in bringing a will or trust contest, as well as defending individual representatives or trustees against allegations of administrative misconduct.

Attorney Falgione is also a certified circuit court mediator. In this role, he acts as a neutral facilitator between opposing parties and assists them in working out acceptable resolutions outside of court.

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