Representing Victims Of Serious Car Wrecks

Car wrecks cause some of the most catastrophic injuries, including multiple fractures, severe whiplash and other neck injuries, spinal cord injuries and head injuries. The most severe car wrecks such as those involving tractor-trailers or drunk drivers can also result in wrongful death, a loss that can never be fully compensated.

At The Law Offices of Adrian L. Falgione, LLC, we stand up for the rights of car wreck victims and their families. Since 1989, attorney Adrian Falgione has worked diligently to keep the community in and around Lexington, South Carolina, safer. By providing diligent representation for those who have suffered serious personal injury, he seeks to achieve the maximum compensation clients deserve and hold those responsible accountable for their negligence.

Whether your accident was caused by driver negligence or manufacturing error, our firm has the experience and resources to seek the compensation you deserve. Contact us to discuss your case in a free consultation with our experienced Lexington car wreck attorney.

Pursuing Maximum Compensation To Provide For Your Needs

We proactively manage all aspects of our clients' cases. We will investigate the crash site, review mechanical evidence, analyze the accident report and interview witnesses where available. If necessary, we will work with accident reconstruction engineers and other auto industry experts to establish possible forms of liability, especially in cases involving product liability such as poor structural design or safety equipment failures.

We will then aggressively pursue maximum compensation from responsible parties, whether individual drivers or major car manufacturers, and their insurance companies. Lawyer Falgione represents clients who have been involved in:

  • Tractor-trailer wrecks
  • Vehicle rollover accidents
  • Side-swipe or T-bone car wrecks
  • Drunk driving wrecks
  • Serious rear-end accidents

In some cases, the full extent of your injuries may not be readily apparent, as in the case of mild or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). We will work with your treating doctors and specialists to determine your long-term care needs and aggressively pursue a settlement or verdict that includes compensation for all of those needs.

Schedule A Free Consultation To Discuss Your Case

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